Virtual Business Management for female-led & family-run ventures

Virtual Business Management for female-led & family-run ventures

Do you have more tasks on your to-do list than hours in the day?

MelSa Productivity Assistance offers a fixed-fee support solution to help you ride out the storm.


Say Hello to Your New Secret Weapon

“Money is made by efficiency – invest in it.” 

– Mike Michalowicz

As the Engineer of Calm, I challenge you to bring me your chaos!

I help business owners solve their productivity problems by taking control of the admin behind the scenes which prevents them from doing more important things.

Think of me as a cross between a traditional office manager and a virtual assistant – I step in as a ‘go-to’ to help overwhelmed teams and solopreneurs to get their collective sh*t together, for a set monthly fee with no hourly restrictions.

I can also help to make your work life easier by transforming your core internal processes so that they are as simple and effective as possible – but still scaleable for when you eventually make your millions!

If you see your business support function as solely a glorified receptionist/stationery procurer/part-time therapist, then this service probably isn’t for you…

But – if you:

This is a photo of MelSa - the Engineer of Calm & Business Manager in London
  • Think you might have reached a 'tipping point' in your business where you sense that it could be time to grow
  • Know that you could be doing things more efficiently but have no idea where to start in terms of hiring someone with the right technical skills
  • Have neither the time nor the inclination to get involved in the minutiae of setting up and managing your "virtual" workspaces

…this service is definitely for you!

I think in human-centred systems: I’m a postgraduate-educated legal geek and ex-clinical rehabilitation therapist who also comes from a process-driven background in the consultancy world.

Would you like me to bring the essence of those experiences to help your productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line?