Virtual Business Support with a People Focus

Virtual Business Support with a People Focus

MelSa Productivity Assistance offers a people-centred business operations management solution for startups and established small businesses, providing remote, flexible and efficient assistance for your operational tasks.

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MelSa Productivity Assistance was created to support and empower funded startups and established small businesses that are looking to streamline their business operations during their growth and/or scaling stage.

Fundamentally, your clients and potential clients want to feel as though they are spending money with a well-oiled business that respects them and appreciates their patronage. To make sure that can happen, I provide a people-focused office operations management solution, acting as a trusted single point of coordination and standing in the gap to help you get things done. 

Can you imagine the feeling of power and sense of relief that comes with being able to say: “my assistant can handle that” – and then being able to trust that they can? Well, no need to imagine any longer…

I offer three distinct service levels to ensure that the important things don’t get missed during your business growth stage:

 PolicyBee professional insurance broker