Drowning in a sea of unread emails?

Drowning in a sea of unread emails?

Don't panic - help is at hand!

MelSa PA Services offers a client-focused inbox and office operations management solution for small businesses, providing semi-remote support for the overwhelming (but necessary) business support tasks on a flexible, efficient and cost-effective basis.

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Say Hello to Your New Secret Weapon!

BUT first – let’s talk about Your Communication

Can’t live with your emails, can’t live without them… 

indeed, emails are an effective communication tool – and done right: they are essential to the overall process of building and maintaining your key business relationships.

Done wrong: they have the potential to cause you no end of misery and can make you look indifferent, lazy or arrogant in front of your clients and team members.




Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to get the balance right!

Fundamentally, your clients and potential clients want to feel as though they are spending money with a well-oiled business that respects them and appreciates their patronage.

To make sure that can happen, MelSa PA Services empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs to maintain healthy client and third-party supplier relationships through the provision of a dedicated inbox and office operations management solution. I offer three distinct services to ensure that the important things don’t get missed:


  1. A Tidy Inbox service – think of this almost like Marie Kondo-ing your emails (except that most emails don’t spark joy and it’s probably not wise to delete them all!) By providing an organised and streamlined process of dealing with your client details and correspondence, it makes it much simpler to keep track of what’s happening and with whom.
  2. A dedicated Inbox Monitoring service – for faster and personalised responses to your business enquiries. I will also work with you to create personalised ‘canned responses’ which anyone could use to answer basic questions quickly. This will ensure that there is space for you to see and action the more complex queries that require your personal touch.
  3. A semi-remote Office Management service (for central London-based businesses only) – to support you in looking after the day-to-day particulars of running your small business. I work with you to organise, maintain and review your contractual relationships with your service providers and external suppliers. I will also assist you with: company secretarial administration, client/customer service, CRM/database management, supplier payments, your new hire onboarding process and other general HR-related tasks.

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I (Melody) serve MelSa PA Services as its Founder and Chief Engineer of Calm, operating as a semi-virtual productivity aide for entrepreneurs, startups and microbusinesses – with a particular affinity with those who are focused on creating a positive social impact or working within the sustainability space. 

The ‘PA’ in MelSa PA Services stands for Productivity Assistance because time management is almost like an art form to me… I work efficiently and accurately, meaning that an hour of my time is generally more streamlined than an hour of time for a lot of people – and consequently, I can do a lot for you within the timeframe that I’m given.

My existing clients choose to work with me because I make intelligent decisions. I genuinely care about what I do regardless of how big or small the task is – and I always aim to ask the right questions and listen carefully. 

In short: I meet my clients at their point of need, work with them to make sense of what’s needed – and then get on with dealing with the necessary on their behalf.

I am Melody Sadé Abeni

Over the past 10 years, I have spent my career assisting and coordinating services on behalf of senior figures in global management consultancies, the financial services industry, large international brands, and all sorts in between – whilst also juggling a pursuit of advanced higher education.

Along the way, I discovered a common theme: somehow I always emerged as the go-to person, eventually earning a reputation for making people feel valued whilst simultaneously pulling a multitude of things together to get the job done. 

I am passionate about helping people to create an environment where they can do what they are best at doing – and so I created MelSa PA Services so that I can do just that!

For further details on my past experience and roles, please visit my LinkedIn profile


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