I am Melody Sadé Abeni

Armed with years of experience supporting top-level executives and profitable small businesses, a solid corporate skill set, a high level of empathy, and a healthy dash of entrepreneurial spirit, MelSa PA Services was created – with a simple mission: to provide a ‘Gold Standard’ corporate experience for the smaller companies who are aspiring to get there.

I serve MelSa PA Services Limited as its Managing Director and Chief Engineer of Calm, operating as a virtual productivity aide for startups and small businesses – with a particular affinity with those who are focused on creating a positive social impact.

The ‘PA’ in MelSa PA Services also stands for Productivity Assistance, as time management is almost like an art form to me. I work efficiently and accurately, meaning that an hour of my time is generally more streamlined than an hour of time for a lot of people – and consequently, I can do a lot for you within the timeframe that I’m given.

My existing clients choose to work with me because I make intelligent decisions. I genuinely care about what I do regardless of how big or small the task is – and I always aim to ask the right questions and listen carefully. In short: I meet my clients at their point of need, work with them to make sense of what’s needed – and then get on with dealing with the necessary on their behalf.

I am passionate about helping people to create an environment where they can do what they are best at doing – and so I created MelSa PA Services so that I can do just that!

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