Virtual Executive Assistant Service

Virtual Executive Assistant

MelSa Productivity Assistance delivers a fluid and proactive secretarial solution via the Virtual Executive Assistant service to help busy executives reduce the mental load of coordinating their hectic schedules.

Acting as both a conventional corporate Executive Assistant and a Virtual Assistant, this service provides a flexible alternative to instructing a staffing agency to find you a qualified and experienced Assistant – but without the costly agency fee margin!

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I offer a corporate-ready service which covers these specific tasks:

  • Diary management & gatekeeping
  • Proactive meeting & appointment scheduling
  • Complex, end-to-end business trip coordination (domestic & international)

Why choose MelSa Productivity Assistance vs hiring an Executive Assistant through a staffing agency?

1 - Reduced Overheads

Hiring a temporary employee through an employment agency is expensive in the long run. 

On top of the agreed hourly rate or salary, you will need to factor in Employer National Insurance contributions, holiday pay contributions, mandatory pension contributions, the agency fee margins (20-25% of the hourly rate or salary) – not to mention the cost of the equipment, workspace and insurance needed for the job.

2 - Saving You Time

Rather than sifting through an endless selection of CVs, you can rest assured that your service will be carried out by an experienced Senior Assistant with over 5 years of corporate experience within the management consultancy and financial services worlds, who will integrate seamlessly into your team with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

3 - 'Plug and Play' Option

MelSa Productivity Assistance will hit the ground running to support your Executive Team as soon as the service starts.

After a comprehensive initial handover session, there is no need for a further induction, unless you request this – intelligent questions will be asked where necessary.

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I work on a retained basis only, offering a competitive fixed monthly fee based on the number of team members to be supported and complexity of requirements. 

For a personalised quote, arrange a consultation.

(all costs exclude VAT – but no additional surprises!)