Work With MelSa PA Services

How to Work With MelSa

To get started with any of the three services, the process works in the following way:

1. Discussion

We have an open discussion on how much time you think you might need for your task delegation and we then decide on a sensible estimate to work within - NB: the service time for the Virtual EA service is measured in hourly increments, from a minimum initial period of 4 hours up to a maximum monthly retainer of 8 days (based on 2 days per week).

2. Agreement

We agree on the time required and our preferred way of working with each other, pursuant to MelSa PA Services Limited's Terms of Business. This will be followed by a Consulting Services Agreement to be signed and an initial engagement fee invoice which is to be paid before the service commences.

3. Onboarding

Once the necessary administration has been completed, there will be an onboarding session where we set out a clear process for your requirements - and you then sit back and breathe a sigh of relief because, in the words of (pre-season 6) Olivia Pope: “it’s handled."

I will always be transparent with you where there simply isn’t enough time for what you have asked for. Where necessary, I will suggest an alternative solution which may be more suitable for the relevant task. 

Once we have agreed on what you need, your service can begin fairly quickly; however, please be reminded that services will only commence on receipt of a signed Service Agreement and payment of the initial engagement fee.

As an independent consultancy, MelSa PA Services Limited is fully insured, ICO registered, DBS-vetted and solely responsible for the relevant overheads – so all that’s left for you to do is to invest in outsourcing your business support headaches!

Let’s talk about your requirements in more detail – click the button below to book in a call.